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VARIOUS CLIENTS Proudly Represented Over the Years


Jeraldine Saunders  

Buzz Aldrin  

Chuck McCann  

The Bay The Series  

Genevieve Mariko Wilson  

Ed Lauter on the red carpet
for The Artist  

Debbie Reynolds  

James Whitmore  

Francesca Hilton  


Senator Jim Webb (D-Va) and
Edward Lozzi
A New G.I. Bill for the 21st Century Support Reception at the Beverly Hilton Hotel June 22, 2008, Beverly Hills, California
Photo: Roger Karnbad

Lou Ferrigno - Consultant to the President on the Presidents Council on Sports Fitness & Nutrition  

Lou Ferrigno - The Incredible Hulk  

Edward Lozzi with best selling author and Emmy winning Fox News and MSNBC News anchor, Rita Cosby at red carpet VIP book signing party, Los Angeles, November 2007  

Cindy Margolis
and Edward Lozzi,
Christmas, 2007  

Mamie Van Doren, 2007
photo by Alan Mercer  

Henry Miller,
portrait by Kalman Aron  

Linda Lingle(R), Governor of Hawaii, with Edward Lozzi at a campaign reception held in her honor. Beverly Hills, 2005.  

LA County Sheriff Leroy Baca is greeted by Edward Lozzi, organizer of the press conference initiating a 1/2 cent sales tax increase for the City of Los Angeles in order to hire thousands more police officers. Universal City, 2004. Photo: LA Times.  

Molly Barnes, art critic, author, curator, with Edward Lozzi at her Gallery 258. Beverly Hills, CA, 1996 

The Real Housewives of Orange County  

Rudy Vallee  

Lana Clarkson
Lana Clarkson 

Edward Lozzi with James Woods receiving the Saturn Award  

Ruben Studdard  

Persis Khambatta, 1950 - 1998  

Pietra Dawn Thornton
Malibu, 2005
the former Mrs. Billy Bob Thornton  

Dean Cain hams it up with Edward Lozzi, Unit Publicist for the film LOST, starring Cain. Cinerama Dome, Hollywood, 2004  

Dr. Ava Cadell 

2004 Golden Needle Awards 

Down the Barrel
formerly Luxury of Love 

E-Entertainment Television's new stars, the Gastineau Girls, with Edward Lozzi at the 2005 Night of 100 Stars Oscar Party 

Jay Leno 

Shirley Jones and Edward Lozzi at Jeff Bridges photo book signing, Beverly Hills, 2004  

Edward Lozzi and his client, the producer-manager Jay Bernstein (Mike Hammer and Public Defender)  

Dennis Finn  

Randy Miller with Edward Lozzi  

Milton Berle 

Edward Lozzi with Tina Louise at a charity reception hosted by Lozzi for a screening of "Monaco Forever", Beverly Hills, 1986  

Larry King 

Renée Taylor, Oscar nominated writer & co-star of TV's "The Nanny"  

Sim Farar, former Clinton Administration, Democratic National Committee superdelegate and Director of Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign Finance Committee with Bill Cinton in Oval Office.  

Rita Cosby interviews Edward Lozzi on Anna Nicole Smith.
Rita Cosby, MSNBC and FOX News Anchor, is the author of the new controversial best seller book "Blonde Ambition: The Anna Nicole Smith Story"  

Edward Lozzi with client Zsa Zsa Gabor at her home in Bel Air, CA, during her 1991 photo shoot.  

Ursula Andress and Ed Lozzi
Ursula Andress dated Hollywood publicist Edward Lozzi briefly in 1983 after her separation from actor Harry Hamlin. This photo was taken at a James Bond car promotion by Ursula's friend, Hollywood car creator George Barris who introduced them. Photo: Barris Kustom Archive. Click for larger version 

AC Cowlings and Ed Lozzi
Edward Lozzi standing behind his client, white Bronco driver and businessman Al Cowlings  

Vanna White and Ed Lozzi
Edward Lozzi with Vanna White, Lozzi Anniversary Party, Beverly Hills, 1984 

H.R.M. Queen Noor of Jordan
H.R.M. Queen Noor of Jordan
Official Portrait Presentation
Beverly Hills, 1989 

Melvin Belli and Ed Lozzi
Famed Attorney Melvin M. Belli, founder of American Trial Lawyers Association and the Belli Society with his Media Consultant Edward Lozzi in Los Angeles during the O.J. Simpson trial, 1995  

Night of 100 Stars 2008 

George Barris with the Batmobile 

Rebecca Ferratti 

George W. Bush 

Melvin Belli and Ed Lozzi
Edward Lozzi & Melvin M. Belli: Thanksgiving family and firm weekend trip to Sonora, California, 1994 

Frances Fisher,
star of Titanic,
Night of 100 Stars Oscar Party 

The great Melvin M. Belli, the "King of Torts", founder of the American Trial Lawyers Association and the Belli Society, in his offices in San Francisco(1991). Edward Lozzi & Associates proudly acknowledges their association with Melvin Belli as his media counsel from 1992 until his death in 1996.  

  • Jeraldine Saunders- 'The LOVE BOAT Lady'. She wrote the books the Love Boat show is based on from her own experiences as the first female cruise director on a major cruise line. "I was so happy and proud to have created this show from my books and experiences", said Saunders. "I am so very pleased to know that my show will be forever preserved and remembered everyday by thousands of fans who see this wonderful plaque."
  • Astronaut, Ph. D., and Colonel Buzz Aldrin- Buzz Aldrin, most senior of America's five remaining Moonwalkers, shows no signs of slowing down and he plans to be highly focused over the next years as he undertakes enhanced business activities including celebrations commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing as well as launching his Human Space Institute (HSI) first round of collaborative workshops and technical papers. He was present at the invitation of the President to a White House Ceremony for the establishment of the new Military Space Force and to advise the president and Aero Space Industry about establishing the Moon as a spaceport and then to have humans reach and colonize Mars within a decade.
  • Chuck McCann - Pioneer of American Kids TV and Academy Actor - Chuck McCann, was an American comedian, radio, stage, television, and film actor, puppeteer, voice artist, commercial presenter and television host, he was best known for his work in presenting children's television programming and animation, as well as his own program The Chuck McCann Show and he also recorded comedy parody style albums. He died in 2018.
  • The Bay The Series, Emmy Award Winning Daytime Television Drama 2012 - The Bay The Series is a Daytime soap opera web series nominated for a Daytime Emmy in 2012, for Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Class Short Format Daytime, won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding New Approaches Drama Series in 2015, and a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Digital Daytime Drama Series in 2016 and 2017.
  • Genevieve Mariko Wilson- award-winning actress, singer/songwriter, and dancer. Freshly released her debut music video and award-winning short film Turning Japanese, and currently has 2 more releases coming out soon, Vertigo produced by top producer/mixer Brian Malouf, and Heavenly Body produced by Grammy-nominated veteran producer Joel Diamond. Her award-winning comedy short Turning Japanese is currently in feature film development. www.genevievemarikowilson.com
    Genevieve's YouTube channel
  • Ed Lauter- actor, The Artist, Seraphim Falls, Seabiscuit, The Longest Yard. Ed in The Artist
    Ed at imdb.com
  • Debbie Reynolds - award winning motion picture, television and stage actress, singer and dancer. www.debbiereynolds.com
  • Charles Aidikoff Screening Room Grand Re-Opening - Event and PR for the famed screening room in Beverly Hills. www.aidikoff.tv
    Video from the re-opening party.
  • The Whitmore Eclectic Theater Company - LA's new full service theater production company inspired by the late, great award winning actor James Whitmore. www.whitmoreeclectic.com
  • Susan Stafford - author, philanthropist, Ph.d, missionary and the first letter turner on TV's hit game show Wheel of Fortune, writes her long awaited autobiography. www.stopthewheel.org
  • Francesca Hilton- comedian, actress, writer, photographer. Only daughter of Zsa Zsa Gabor and Conrad Hilton ... she is Paris Hilton's Auntie. Click here to read about her in The Los Angeles Times.
  • Kimberly Blackford - Actress, chef and custodial natural mother of George Hamilton's son George Thomas. Click here for full Globe story.
  • Rita Cosby - Well known network news anchor at Inside Edition, Fox News Channel and MSNBC who interviewed world leaders and competed with Larry King and GretaVon Sustern. Recently her book Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story of the Death of Anna Nicole Smith, rocketed to the top 10 on the New York Times Best Seller list. Book promotion, Los Angeles
  • Mamie Van Doren - Classic screen legend and blond bombshell launches her collectible limited edition bottles of wine in Los Angeles. Visit www.mamievandoren.com.
  • Kalman Aron - famed portrait painter and Holocaust survivor and founder of "psychological realism art" in Europe in the 1940's. Click here to learn more.
  • Scott St. James - former Los Angeles K-CAL 9 TV Sportscaster and major radio personality and blogger whose wit and humor has influenced heads of state, owners of professional sport's teams, Hollywood producers and casting directors, as well as many damsels in distress from coast to coast. For a good time go to: http://www.scottstjames.blogspot.com/
  • Cindy Margolis - worldwide internet supermodel, author, TV personality, entrepreneur and humanitarian. www.cindymargolis.com 
  • Molly Barnes - art critic, author, gallery owner and curator is one of America's foremost women in the arts. She was a protege of Andy Warhol and presented famed artist John Baldessari. She is an expert in contemporary art and has appeared on national television and public radio to comment on the art world. She has her own radio show in Los Angeles on KCSN 88.5 FM. She has curated important art collections including those of director Billy Wilder and performer Herb Alpert. She is an icon in the arts both in New York City and in Los Angeles, her two home bases. http://www.kcsn.org/programs/artnews.html 
  • OC Energy Drinks Launch - Bravo's Real Housewives of Orange County: The launch of America's newest energy drink by Orange County's most famous families. Click here for press releaseVisit Bravo's Real Housewives of OC web site
  • Chris DeRose - President and Founder, Last Chance for Animals - LCA. LCA is the radical anti-vivisection and anti-animal experiment/kidnapping organization headquartered in Los Angeles. Their work has saved thousands of animals from the pain and horrible suffering perpetrated by ignorance and greed. Actor Chris DeRose put his career on hold to start this organization and lead it for over 25 years. Visit the LCA web site
  • Lou Ferrigno - motion picture and TV actor, author, champion body builder ( Mr. Universe, Mr. America), businessman, and recent Presidential Appointment as consultant to the President on the Presidents Council on Sports Fitness & Nutrition. He portrayed the iconic Incredible Hulk and is also a Los Angeles County Reserve Deputy Sheriff. He was a TV series regular on the hit CBS TV series "King of Queens". Visit Lou's web site
  • Red Buttons - Oscar winning actor, comedian, entertainer. 
  • Rudy Vallee - America's Classic Legend . A Tribute and Database
  • Ruben Studdard - Recording artist and American Idol celebrity Ruben Studdard concerts national tour 2006 with Robert Wells. 
  • Dave Lea - One of the world's most sought after stuntmen. The real Batman in Warner Bros. films, he was the former Great Britain Champion kick-boxer. He is known for breakthroughs in fight choreography and stunt work/ coordination in some of the greatest motion pictures and TV shows ever made.
    Click here to see his poster
    Click here to visit his website.
  • Dennis Cole - Actor, entertainer, realtor. Visit his website
  • Persis Khambatta - the Pride of India, October 2, 1950 - August 18, 1998. Click here for A Tribute to Persis Khambatta
  • Lana Clarkson - Action adventure actress known for cult classics including Roger Corman's "Barbarian Queen" and "Amazon Women on the Moon." Her TV credits are vast including guest roles on "Mike Hammer," "Knight Rider," "Who's The Boss," "The A-Team," and "Silk Stalkings." Edward Lozzi describes Lana to Dominick Dunne in Vanity Fair. Click here to visit her website. 
  • Pietra Dawn Thornton - Actress, model & former wife of Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton, writer and producer of unique reality TV show, Celebrity ExClick here for press release and photos
  • Bob DeBrino - Producer of "Find Me Guilty", Vin Diesel's latest movie with Sidney Lumet directing. DeBrino Entertainment announces production projects including motion pictures with Vin Diesel, Tom Sizemore and Sidney Lumet. Decorated former New York drug cop now has Hollywood as his beat.  Click here for full press release
  • LOST - the motion picture starrring Dean Cain, Danny Trejo, and Irina Bjorklund. An exciting drama from Kevin Matossian's Silvercrest Entertainment, LLC. Film PR and World Premiere in Hollywood. Click here for movie poster
  • Dr. Ava Cadell - Author and Sexologist to the Stars. Author of seven books on sexuality and relationships.
    Visit her website
  • The First Annual Golden Needle Awards - The Oscars of the Fashion Design Industry, June 2004. Celebrity judges including Mr. Blackwell and a panel of fashion experts and designers chose their favorites, featuring an extravagant runway show for emerging design talent. The Gala benefitted The Thalians Mental Health Center at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the John Wayne Breast & Prostate Cancer Center and was attended by over 500 guests and fashion media.  
  • Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP) - We support victims of Catholic Clergy Sex Abuse and provide our media services pro-bono to SNAP. Lozzi & Associates' Open Letter to Survivors of Catholic Clergy Sex Abuse and Their Families. Visit the SNAP Website.
  • The 30th Annual Saturn Awards - presented by The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror in Hollywood. All motion picture and TV categories. May, 2004, Universal Sheraton. Honoring James Cameron, Steven Speilberg, Gale Ann Hurd, Peter Jackson ("Lord of the Rings"), Tom Cruise, Viggo Mortensen, Jessica Biel, Cate Blanchette, Uma Thurman, and many more. Sponsored by Cinescape Magazine.
  • The Jordanaires & John Krondes - The original Elvis Presley band and production hitmakers come together for the first time since the King's death and put out a single "The End" and a soon to be released CD. If Elvis were still alive, this is what he would be doing. Funky Sound of America, New York.
  • A.W. Richard Sipe, author and former Roman Catholic priest-book promotion of "Celibacy in Crisis: A Secret World Revisited" (Brunner-Rouetledge),2004 - exposes the false notion of celibate priests and the havoc they are reaping in the United States. Interviews with thousands of sexually active priests over many years. Sipe is an expert called on to testify in many trials and litigations of priest sex crimes.
  • "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, World"- 40th Anniversary Gala Press for Stanley Kramer's "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, World" at the Arclight Cinerama Dome for Benefit of Stanley Kramer Foundation at UCLA School of Film in Hollywood 2003. $1 million dollar new digitized print, projected in 70MM. Co-Hosted by Billy Bob Thornton and Mrs. Karen Kramer, widow of Stanley Kramer.  
  • "Down the Barrel"- Publicity for independent and controversial motion picture drama starring Luke Perry, Marty Ingels, Matthew Grant, Tara Price, Katherine Cannon, and Stephen Wozniak. Directed by Diana Valentine (2000)  
  • "How It All Went Down" - Acclaimed independent motion picture from Silvio Pollio about the true story of notorious Canadian Drug Dealer Carmine "Istante Cavelli." Brilliant Portrayal by Silvio Pollio. Gala premiere at Writers Guild in Beverly Hills, 2003. 2004: Laemmle Theatres and National Regional releases. www.silvio.biz 
  • "Uncle Davvers Really Scary Movie Show" - New TV Pilot. starring reknowned character stealer Wally Wingert. Co-starring David Naughton and co-produced by the people who bring you "Family Guy." 
  • "The Room" - A film like no-other. A Tommy Wiseau film which is a spoof of Tennessee Williams movies. It has become a Los Angeles midnight showing cult classic for 5 years. If you like yelling at the screen and throwing things, even when you're sober, then this film is for you. 
    Click here to visit "The Room" website
  • "The Adventures of Scooter McDoogal" - new Saturday morning network cartoon series evolved from the hot comic book series from EC Comics. Executive Producer is Diane Russomanno. 
    Click here to visit the Scooter McDoogal website
  • Louisa Moritz - Cuban-American blonde bombshell actress/producer, who immigrated as a child after Castro's invasion of Havana. Her rise to New TV commercial fame and award-winning actress, producer, and song writer is a story against all odds. 
  • "Welcome to America" - reception for famed cloning embryologist Bill Ritchie of the Roslin Institute in Scotland. He helped successfully clone the first animal in the world, Dolly the sheep, October 2002. Hosted by renowned Anti-Aging advocate Kay Kimberly Siegel of the Siegel Life Project UCLA Center on Aging. 
  • Dennis Finn - award winning photographer and director. With his exceptional people skills, Dennis is able to connect with his subjects and achieve the desired results. His Filmeye Studios, located in Los Angeles is well equipped to satisfy a variety of new media needs. Click here to visit the Filmeye Studios website 
  • Predators in Action - headed by famed animal stunt trainer Randy Miller who performed the award-winning stunt and tiger attacks in the Academy Award-winning saga "Gladiator" as Russell Crowe's stunt double. His animals, including bears, cougars, lions, leopards, panthers, and wolves, have been seen in many of our nation's top motion picture and television shows. Lozzi Media press conference for Gladiator tigers Oscar week Click here to visit the Predators in Action website 
  • Dinner Party for Mrs. Tipper Gore - at the home of philanthropist/actress Cynthia Palmer Gershman - Fundraiser for the Battle Against Homelessness. Provided media services. Beverly Hills, CA, July 2000. 
  • Hollywood Gala Honoring William Jefferson Clinton - hosted by Stan Lee - Approved by the White House to provide event media services. Brentwood, CA, August 12, 2000. 
  • Vanity Fair Magazine Issue Party- Provided media for Vanity Fair Magazine's celebrity red carpet issue party for famed Hollywood Car Designer and customizer George Barris's 10 page center photo feature. The April 1999 issue was one of the all time best sellers for Vanity Fair and highly coveted by Barris collectors.  
  • Magic Matt Allan - Los Angeles' renowned syndicated radio personality and one of the highest rated shows in the history of LA radio. Allan (formerly of KIIS FM) celebrates the fourth anniversary of his weekly national syndicated talk show, "Lighten Up Lounge," in his backyard in the hills of Encino. Mr. Cigar, as Matt is called, has an ensemble of wacky comedians and serious vice partakers of cigars, booze, broads, chocolate, sex, and divorce lawyers ... every Saturday at 3:00 P.M. on KRLA Talk Radio 1110AM, and on the Sirius Radio Network weekdays 6:00 A.M. to 12:00 Noon, Saturdays from 3:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. Watch Outlaw Radio video
  • Milton Berle - legendary comedian & TV pioneer 
  • Jon Voight - highly acclaimed Academy Award winner (featured in films such as "Mission: Impossible", "The Heavyweight", & "Midnight Cowboy") 
  • Shirley Jones - Oscar winning actress 
    Click here to visit the Shirley Jones website
  • Marty Ingels - comedian, entrepeneur, radio talk show host and husband of Oscar winner Shirley Jones. Discovered in the early 60's by Jerry Lewis, Ingels starred in the TV sitcom "I'm Dickens, He's Fenster" with John Astin in 1963. Since then he's guest-starred in films & TV shows including "Murder She Wrote", "The Young & Restless" "Walker, Texas Ranger", "Baywatch", and "The Cosby Show" In 1983-84 he was the voice of "Pac Man", the Hanna-Barbera animated series. 

  • Today Ingels is an extremely successful multi-millionaire entrepreneur, with interests ranging from chocolate factories to talent agencies. Occasionally he filled in as guest host for Danny Bonaducci's Chicago-based talk show. In 1999 and 2000 he was heard on his own talk show "Dancing In The Dark", aired by KIEV AM 870 in Los Angeles. 
  • Tina Louise (From 1983 - 2008)- Accomplished Broadway, motion picture, and prime time television series actress ("Gilligan's Island", "Dallas") and best selling author of Sunday and, just out, a childrens book entitled When I Grow Up.  
  • Ron Smith Celebrity Lookalikes - the world's largest agency for celebrity lookalikes, with offices in Hollywood, New York, Tokyo, London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Miami, Chicago and Toronto. 
  • Renée Taylor & Joseph Bologna - Oscar nominated screenwriters ("Lovers & Other Strangers") & actors, stars of the hit Broadway play "Bermuda Avenue Triangle", director of the stage play "Wall Of Water" at the Coast Playhouse Theatre in Los Angeles (Ms. Taylor), & on TV's "The Nanny" (Ms. Taylor). World premiere of stage play "Golda," Renee's one woman show portraying Golda Meir.  
  • Casper Van Dien - film actor, featured in "Sleepy Hollow", "Starship Troopers", "Tarzan", and "James Dean: Race With Destiny". 
  • R. Patrick Abergel, M.D. - famous plastic surgeon and laser pioneer. Abergel is considered a foremost authority on the newest and most innovative applications of laser cosmetic and liposculpture. He is a pioneer in eyelid laser surgery. His books and papers on the subject are world renown. A member of all of the boards, Abergel has operated on the rich and famous in Southern California. He is called upon constantly to consult for TV and motion picture projects. He has appeared on national and international TV news and talk shows, magazines and newspapers to educate and fascinate audiences of all ages. The media includes CNN, Los Angeles Times, Vogue, Los Angeles Magazine's list of "Best Doctors", Muscle & Fitness, Self Magazine, Leeza Show, NBC, CBS, and ABC affiliates from coast to coast. Most importantly, he is a current faculty member at USC and formerly Professor of Medicine at UCLA
  • Burt Ward - the original "Robin" of TV's "Batman
  • Larry Hagman - "J. R. Ewing" of TV's "Dallas
  • Ursula Andress 
  • Zsa Zsa Gabor 
  • Vanna White 
  • Stanley Kramer- award-winning film director 
  • Dr. Joyce Brothers 
  • Rhonda Shear- actress & former host of USA Network's "Up All Night
  • Dr. Christiaan Barnard - pioneering heart surgeon 
  • Melvin Belli- world-renowned attorney (representation during his life, and of Mr. Belli's estate upon his death) Click here for a tribute to Melvin Belli.
  • David Lee Roth- frontman & original singer for Van Halen 
  • Alice Cooper- ground-breaking rock recording artist 
  • George Barris - famed custom car designer; responsible for creation of the original Batmobile, the Monkeemobile, the Munstersmobile, and many others. Click here to visit the George Barris website 
  • Barris Star Car Museum- Gatlinburg, Tennessee; home of the Batmobile, the Monkeemobile, Knight Rider, James Dean's cars, James Bond's cars, Elvis's cars, Madonna's cars, and more. 
  • Robert Heidstra - author of I Heard The Murders Of The Century 

  • (Mr. Heidstra's account of the O. J. Simpson trial as a witness) 
  • Rebecca Ferratti - Playboy Playmate, author & actress 
  • Laura Harring - Miss USA & star of Aaron Spelling's "Sunset Beach" and David Lynch's cult film hit for 2002, "Mulholland Drive."  
  • Sim Farar - US Representative to United Nations General Assembly was appointed by President Clinton and confirmed by Senate. Farar appointed Edward Lozzi his Press Secretary shortly after his Senate confirmation. Mr. Farar was also President Clinton's appointee to the advisory board of the JFK Center for the Performing Arts. Recently Mr. Farar became the leading Campaign Fundraiser Director for the presidential campaign for Hillary Clinton. 
  • A. C. Cowlings 
  • Elaine Young Real Estate Company Launch 2004- in Beverly Hills. Lowes Hotel Beverly Hills - Beverly Hills' "realtor to the stars." Her client list has included Leonardo Di Caprio, The Beatles, Elvis Aron Presley, Angie Dickinson, M.C. Hammer, Vanna White, O.J. Simpson, and many more. Click here to visit Elaine's website 
  • Mrs. Lee Iacocca 
  • Ellen K & Zak Lee - co-hosts of the Rick Dees radio show (KISS-FM in Los Angeles) 
  • Arthur Bornstein - author & renowned memory expert 
  • Dr. James Fulton - creator of Retin-A 
  • Vice President Al Gore - celebrity fundraiser luncheon at the home of L. A. businessman Sim Farar (1998) 
  • H. R. M. Queen Noor of Jordan - Official Reception for Queen Noor in the U.S. presenting and honoring the tour of her official portrait by Urbano Galindo,, royal artist to the Court of Spain. Beverly Hills, September 7, 1989. 
  • Bob Hope Celebrity Gala - in honor of his 50th anniversary with the U. S. O. 
  • Martin Landau - Oscar Night Tribute (1994) 
  • Bob Fosse Awards - honoring the best in choreographic achievement, chaired by Gwen Verdon 
  • George H.W. Bush - "Presidential Welcome Home Troops" television special (ABC) 
  • Gov. Pete Wilson - campaign 
  • The Hartford Insurance Companies 
  • Laker Airways 
  • World Famous Chasens Restaurant - Beverly Hills, California 
  • Crustacean Restaurant & Lounge - Beverly Hills, California 
  • Alberto Vargas' estate - painter & creator of the famous Vargas Girls, as featured in Playboy Magazine 
  • Sandra Costa, A.S.I.D. - famed international interior designer and Project Designer at the Pacific Design Center. Click here to visit her website. 
  • Hawaiian Tropic - manufacturers of sun tanning & sun-protecting products 
  • "Sheena, Queen of the Jungle" - feature film starring Tanya Roberts 
  • "The Killing Jar" - unit publicist for the motion picture from Shel Silverstein's Light & Shadow Productions. Starring Paul Winfield, James Van Patten and Pamela Bryant. 1993 American Film Market honoree. 
  • "Monaco Forever" - film featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme 
  • "Runaway Train" - feature film starring Jon Voight 
  • "James Dean: Race With Destiny" - feature film of the legendary actor's life, starring Robert Mitchum and Caspar Van Dien (premiere) 
  • "By The Sword" - feature film starring Eric Roberts & F. Murray Abraham(premiere) 
  • "Tequila Express" - feature film starring Jeff Fahey (1997-98) 
  • "Trance" - feature film thriller starring Martin Kove, Bruce Abbott, & Tane McClure (Doug McClure's beautiful daughter).

  • (1998) 
  • "Second Chances" - (Moore-Rivers Productions)

  • Family feature film starring Terry Moore, Charles Shaughnessy & Madeline Zima (both from TV's The Nanny), & Stuart Whitman
  • Applause Magazine - launch 
  • Milton Magazine - launch with Milton Berle at Drai's Restaurant, Los Angeles 
  • Night of 100 Stars Gala - Annual Oscar Night party at the Beverly Hills Hotel, produced by Norby Walters. Visit www.nightof100stars.com
  • Miss Universe Pageant - Organizing Committee (1988) 
  • Vargas Legacy Girls art show- for the estate of Alberto Vargas (Los Angeles, 1986) 
  • St. Patrick's Day Parade - Producers (Century City, California) 
  • Who's Who in the West - 1988, 1991, 1994, 1998 & 2001 
  • "Cooking with the Stars" - Frank Military Productions. TV series unit publicity - Taped on location in Las Vegas. Magician Lance Burton, Norm Crosby, show girls and Hollywood stars. 
  • Tippi Hedren's Shambala Fundraising Gala - On the Sunset Strip - fundraiser for the world's best known big cat preserve and the star of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds who cares for them. 
  • Young Israeli Victims of Terrorists Bombs- Provided Media services for the Young Israeli Victims of Terrorists Bombs-Dream Trip to USA Two Week National Tour and Celebrity Gala & Awards Ceremony Government Officials from Washington D.C., Los Angeles and Jerusalem Attended. Bnet.com article here  
  Famous lawsuits provided to the media: 
  • Ortega v. LINDSAY LOHAN - Los Angeles Case #BC372753 - Famed actress Lindsay Lohan crashes into a man and wife's vehicle in her new Mercedes. She was seen fleeing paparazzi after having lunch and beverages at a popular Los Angeles restaurant. The crash caused bodily harm and the total loss of the Ortega's only car. Lindsay Lohan claimed she was not drinking or speeding. Trial pending 2007. Representing Law Offices of Robert Klein for the Ortegas. Click here for press release. 
  • The People v. Phil Spector Murder Trial - Almost four years in the waiting, the trial started March 19, 2007, in Los Angeles. No amount of stalling, filing, maneuvering, or fabricating will end the inevitable conviction and hopefully lifetime incarceration for this unpredictable accused murderer. (See NEWS Page) Click here for Lana's Official Website 
  • Zsa Zsa Gabor & Frederick Von Anhalt v. Francesca Hilton - Lozzi & Associates represented Francesca Hilton, Zsa Zsa's daughter, for questionable charges brought by Von Anhalt in 2005 against his stepdaughter. He claimed Hilton, daughter of Conrad Sr. and Aunt to Paris Hilton, forged her mother's name on a loan application for millions of dollars in equity on Zsa Zsa's mansion in Belair. Francesca countered with verbal charges against Von Anhalt for defamation and that her mother simply executed a smart real estate deal to protect her assests. The Court fined Zsa Zsa for refusing to show up at all in any hearing or court date. The judge kept sanctioning and continuing against Zsa Zsa. On September 19th 2007, the Court had the good sense to dismiss this meritless case. Click here for 19 September 2007 Press Release 
  • Ormiston, et al, v. Metrolink/Amtrak Law Offices of Pfiester & Russo, well-known Railroad litigation experts, filed a dozen Special Government Entity Death and Personal Injury Claims arising out of the January 26th, 2005, Glendale California METROLINK train disaster which killed 11 and injured over 180 passengers including the wrongful death of Conductor Tom Ormiston who warned the railroad that running trains in reverse at 80 MPH with no protection and proper weight distribution in the front passenger car would eventually end in disaster if they hit anything. He was right. Pfiester & Russo is the same firm which has filed hundreds of lawsuits against railroads over the past twenty years and now also represents 29 victims (more than any other law firm) in the April 2002 Placentia, California BNSF-METROLINK Railroad disaster. Click here to visit the Pfiester & Russo website 
  • Natasha Madaris v. San Francisco Unified School District Superior Court Case: Wrongful Death of a 4-year-old child who suffered and died while up to three School board teachers trained in CPR stood by and did nothing. School Board and their lawyers actually argue that they have no obligation to provide assistance. Pending, 2004. Media services for plaintiff's law firm: Law Offices of Alexander J.Perez.  
  • Sylvia Martinez Arambulo and her son, Jonathon, v. Father Ernesto Villaroya, Roman Catholic Archibishop of Los Angeles, et al.- Catholic priest accused of rape and impregnation of Catholic Nun in 1983. Press conference announcing suit for cover-up and damages -- in front of new Cathedral of Angeles, August 2002. Law Firm Client:  Law Offices George Goldberg -- Encino California  
  • Jensen v. City of Oxnard, California Police Swat Team - National interest case involving substance abuse and misconduct of police officer who accidentally killed his partner in botched drug raid -- $3.5 million settlement to widow -- All policemen must now sign drug disclosure statement. Lawyer: Edward Steinbrecher, Los Angeles. 
  • The People v. Babydol Jody Gibson- Pop singer and recording artist arrested, tried, and convicted of being a madam in 1999. Provided legal media consulting to our client, The Law Offices of Gerald V. Scotti who represented Gibson.  
  • Green Berets v. CNN - "Tailwind". Famous pending lawsuit by Special Forces Sgt. Michael Hagen against Peter Arnet and CNN for phony story about Green Beret death squads and American defection. Lawyer: Belli and McClean Law, San Francisco. 
  • Karlsson Family v. Ford Motor Company, et al. - $45 Million Dollar verdict on behalf of client; one of the largest in Los Angeles history. Horrible highway accident involving truck driver sleeping at the wheel and a freak chain of events crushing an entire family. A nationally-covered media case which proves the sad state of driver fatigue and improper training. Millions of dollars of medical bills and a lifetime of pain for the Karlsson family. Lawyer: Marvin Kay Law, Los Angeles, for the Karlsson family. 
  • Gary Berwin v. The Jackson Family - Berwin wins a $5 million judgment against the Jackson family in Los Angeles Superior Court; Jacksons refuse to pay. Pending since 1986. 
  • Dow Corning - breast implant class action suit; Melvin Belli representing plaintiffs. 
  • U. S. Government - radiation experiments liability lawsuit; Melvin Belli representing plaintiffs. 
  • Korean Air Flight 007 - shot down by Soviets; Melvin Belli representing victims' families. 
  • Michael Long v. Johnnie Cochran - LAPD Sgt. Michael Long files malicious prosecution/racism suit against Cochran and attorney Carl Douglas (L. A. Superior Court 1998 - case pending). Counsel for Sgt. Long is Paul Rolf Jensen of Jensen & McIntosh Law (Hacienda Heights CA). 
  • Marcelle Becker v. American Airlines - injured in an altercation with airline employees, Mrs. Becker was victorious in defeating an illegal and conspiratorial Federal criminal counter-suit against her. 
  • McDonald's Restaurant - playground injury scandal & lawsuit (as seen on Inside Edition special); Edward Steinbrecher representing plaintiffs. 
  • $5 Billion Anti-Tobacco Class-Action Lawsuit- Melvin Belli leads the first international class action suit against America's major tobacco industry companies. Click here for 1994 news articles about this suit.
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