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Los Angeles - (LMS Newswire) - Producer Bob DeBrino, a highly decorated retired New York City police officer, has worked on many high profile investigations in his former life. DeBrino, who then was a very active police officer, was injured in the line of duty on one of those investigations. Now he is one of Hollywood's most active and successful producers. But he almost didn't make it. He is lucky to be alive.

One of his most inexhaustible cases he worked on was then the largest narcotic distribution group based in New York in the seventies. The notorious drug trafficker, Nicky Barnes, was its head. DeBrino worked incessantly on this case. Because of his relentless pursuit of Barnes, there have been many arrests of heroin distributors. As a result of his relentless pursuit of Barnes, he became a victim of death threats and firebombs to his home. He was also shot at before he was to appear in court on this case. Against department recommendations, a persistent DeBrino pursued many more arrests and convictions of disreputable drug dealers.

Due to scores of injuries in the line of duty, he was forced to retire on a disability pension yet he has always stayed active with law enforcement organizations.

DeBrino started in show business when he met producer Al Ruddy who was then producing “The Godfather” in New York City. They became fast friends and soon after Ruddy invited Bob to Los Angeles.

After DeBrino moved to L.A., he took an avid interest in the entertainment industry. He started out doing minimal jobs in the film business. He did everything he could to find a spot to learn the business. Being an ex-cop really helped him. It provided him access to people in the entertainment business.

Today DeBrino is a producer. He went beyond the call of duty when after the 911 tragedy, he single handedly organized his Hollywood friends including Drew Barrymore, Gary Busey, Dennis Quaid, Tom Sizemore and others for a fund raising event that aided victims and their families. Allen Horn, the President of Warner Brothers, made the fundraiser a reality for DeBrino by supplying the Warner Bros. jet to transport celebrities from L.A to N.Y.

The DeBrino Entertainment Projects

DeBrino now has many projects in development. He is currently producing a low-budget SAG feature film, Shut up and Shoot, written by writer/director Silvio Pollio (How It All Went Down). DeBrino, executive producer, has rounded up cast and locations. Cast includes, Daniel Baldwin, Tom Sizemore, James Russo, Theresa Russell, Joe Cortese, and Aaron Sizemore.

DeBrino also, made a deal with Michael Mendelsohn’s Patriot Pictures to produce Pollio’s new project Once Upon a Night. Mendelsohn, who has produced and financed such films as Air Force One, Reservoir Dogs, and The Matrix to name a few, says “I looked forward to working with Bob Debrino. Not only am I a big fan of law enforcement, but Bob is definitely a class act and a doer.” Pollio says, “Bob is amazing. I have only known him less than a year, and I can't tell you how much my life has changed in the business since I have met him. He has opened many doors and gave me enormous opportunities.”

DeBrino secured the rights from reputed mobster Jackie Dinorsio approximately five years ago for his new movie Find Me Guilty, The Jackie Dee Story, which is currently in production. DeBrino saw incredible value for this project and pursued it relentlessly. DeBrino owes a debt of appreciation to Sal and Kathy Pacino, father of Al Pacino who have been strong supporters on this project and would like to personally thank his agent and long time friend Marty Baum of CAA for his constant support on this project. DeBrino, along with others who had the original underlining rights has just recently closed his producers deal with Bob Yari Productions. DeBrino says, “It is an honor to be involved with Bob Yari; he is a constant professional who goes the extra distance for you.”

DeBrino is also in pre-production for Aaron Sizemore’s feature film, Thieves, starring Tom Sizemore and Thomas Jane with roles offered to Kevin Spacey and Danny DeVito. Thieves was written by Tom Sizemore’s brother, Aaron Sizemore. It will be directed by John Swanbeck (The Big Kahuna) and is due to start lensing in early March.

DeBrino has just recently inked a deal with Fries Entertainment for the feature film, Alien Agent. Jessie Johnson will direct. Tom Sizemore is set to play the lead character, Marlowe. Production is scheduled to begin in April of 2005.

Bob DeBrino loves the entertainment business and the challenge of producing, but he will never forget his law enforcement roots. He maintains special relationships with the F.B.I., NYPD, and the DEA. He is currently developing a TV series about the F.B.I Cyber Unit.

Some actors and producers Bob has worked with and still maintains personal relationships with are Al Pacino, Dennis Quaid, Tom Sizemore, David Keith, Brook Shields, Drew Barrymore, Gary Busey, Nick Nolte, Lou Gossett Jr., Charlie Sheen, Alec Baldwin, Paul Sorvino among others. The producers are Dan Blatt, Al Ruddy, Bob Singer, Brett Ratner, Arthur Sarkasian, Henry Winterstern, Chuck Rovin, Grey Fredrickson and others. Recently film and TV star Tom Sizemore has entered into a Personal Management relationship with DeBrino.

Other projects including TV productions are on the back burner. "DeBrino is a fresh new source of incredible stories with a knack for talent and budget guidelines. We will be seeing a lot more of him and his projects” -- Marci Weiner, Entertainment Today.

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