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Open Letter to Survivors of Catholic Clergy Sex Abuse and Their Families

This letter is written to convey our unconditional support of you and your families. If you are involved in the legal settlements, we stand in support of you whether you settle or not. If you are not involved in the settlements, we stand in support of you as well.

We express our deep remorse at the mental and physical violation you have suffered. We know that words cannot erase the injury and insult to your human dignity. We are outraged at the betrayal by those who lead the Catholic Church, especially those designated to care for our young. We are filled with shame at the inadequacy of our Church's apologetic response to the offenses against you.

We are sorry that the silence of Church members and hierarchy has increased your pain and suffering. We know that whether innocent child, youth, or vulnerable adult, you were defenseless in the face of a powerful person and institution. We attest that the abuse of children by priests and the cover-up by Church leadership are both immoral and illegal acts.

We plead with Los Angeles Federal Attorney to ignore the US Attorney General's directive and to prosecute Cardinal Roger Mahoney for breaking Federal RICO Racketeering Laws for obstructing justice by hiding and transferring known pedophile priests under his control and knowledge for many many years. All Law Schools and Bar Associations agree that the Catholic Church heirarchy in the United States is not immune to these American laws. Cardinal Mahoney and other U.S. Catholic Bishops have refused to turn over secret pedo-priest files to local prosecutors and continually stonewall legal investigations to the identity, location, and records of pedophile priests and former priests on the run. At least 10 accused pedophile priests are still in the pulpit in parishes in Los Angeles, a complete reversal of the agreed and much promoted ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY decree by the US Catholic Bishops in 2003. Local prosecutors do not have the political motivation, the manpower, and the assets to take on the powerful and well paid church legal dream teams.

Hopefully Catholics will want to rid this church of predatory pedophiles, and those Bishops that protect them. Many Catholics are ashamed, frustrated, and leaving because of the revelations and negativity brought on the church by these Bishops and cardinals who are more concerned about protecting priests than children.

As we have come to see and understand the depth of your victimization, we also have come to see and understand the depth of your strength as adults to heal and hold the perpetrators accountable.

In the face of all these truths, we stand in solidarity with you.

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