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Injured Party Seeks Accountability From Lohan, Not Just The Money

Los Angeles - Raymundo Ortega has filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Lindsay Lohan and the Ivy Restaurant for negligence and willful and wanton misconduct stemming from a car accident on Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood, California in October, 2005. The lawsuit claims that a nineteen year old Lindsay Lohan's, reckless behavior resulted from an irrational fear of paparazzi. The law suit further alleges Lohan's alcohol intoxication while driving her 604 horsepower V-12 Mercedes Benz SL65 at speeds approaching 60 miles per hour on a crowded two lane commercial street, with a conscious disregard for the safety of others.

Raymundo Ortega's attorney Robert G. Klein, Esq. of Los Angeles, California, describes his client as a "hard working honest family man" with a wife and children to support. At the time of the accident Mr. Ortega was working as a bus boy at the local restaurant on Robertson Blvd. While on his way to work, Mr. Ortega made a slow u-turn on Robertson Blvd in order to park his van. Before he was able to complete his turn, Ms. Lohan. with explosive force, crashed into Mr. Ortega's van rendering him temporarily unconscious. Instead of checking on Mr. Ortega's condition, Ms. Lohan fled the scene by running into a local retail store.

Based on witness statements, Ms. Lohan was dining at The Ivy restaurant before the accident where there are allegations that the Ivy served Ms. Lohan alcoholic beverages knowing she was under age at the time. Since the accident, Ms. Lohan spent two visits in rehab for alcohol and drug abuse which, along with other evidence, confirmed the allegations that alcohol intoxication was a cause in this accident.

Mr. Ortega suffered personal injuries. His van, which was the sole source of transportation for his family, was totally destroyed leaving him without any transportation. He has incurred substantial medical bills and lost wages. "Mr. Ortega needs to be compensated for his injuries, but this case is also about accountability. Ms. Lohan needs to be held accountable for putting people at risk", said Robert G. Klein, Mr. Ortega's attorney. Before this case was filed Ms. Lohan was given the opportunity to "do the right thing" and compensate Mr. Ortega for his injuries proposing that such an act could work as a positive service to the community and to bolster Ms. Lohan's tarnished image. That suggestion was rebuffed which eventually led to the filing of this lawsuit.

Case # BC372753 Dept 71 Judge Soussan Bruguera
Raymundo Ortega v. Lindsay Lohan et al
Superior Court of the State of California
County of Los Angeles, Central District

Contact: 213-996-8508 - rklein@regentbc.com
Law Offices of Robert G. Klein (for Plaintiff)
555 W. 5th Street 31st Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90013

-Copy of complaint upon request-