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Garbo Talks ... to Edward Lozzi
Edward Lozzi interviewed Greta Garbo twice in the early 1980's for CNN on one of her trips to his city. The movie Garbo Talks had just been released with Anne Bancroft. Garbo, still active in her 80's was again top news (reluctantly) at this time.

Edward Lozzi guests on CNN about peer publicity exec Ronni Chasen murdered in Beverly Hills (Part 1)

Edward Lozzi guests on CNN about peer publicity exec Ronni Chasen murdered in Beverly Hills (Part 2)

Edward Lozzi Wins
2001 Publicist of the Year

Video: Edward Lozzi receives the Irwin Award for Publicist of the Year from awards host, comedian Shelly Berman, at the 2001 Annual Irwin Awards Ceremony from Los Angeles. Lozzi's remarks include a fascinating factual story about the 9/11 terror attacks in New York which occurred only days before this award ceremony.

Toni Mannix: George Reeves' Murder Conspiracy Confession
Video: Edward Lozzi, friend of the late Mrs. Toni Mannix, the former girlfriend of Superman actor George Reeves, is interviewed by Phil Shuman for EXTRA about her confession to the conspiracy of his murder.

The Phil Spector Trial for the Murder of Lana Clarkson
Video: Edward Lozzi Statements on CNN and CourtTV

Rubin "Hurricane" Carter Never Declared Innocent by the Court
Video: Edward Lozzi featured on Filmography

Remembering Anna Nicole Smith
Video: Edward Lozzi Talks with Ashleigh Banfield on CourtTV

Was Superman Murdered?
Video: Edward Lozzi with Catherine Crier on CourtTV

Telecom Millionaires Put a Price on Bin Laden's Head
Video: Edward Lozzi on Fox News

Telecom Millionaires Encourage Bounty Hunters
Video: Edward Lozzi on CourtTV

Edward Lozzi & Associates, Media Coordinators for
How It All Went Down Film Premiere

Video: Directors Guild, Beverly Hills. Publicity stunt? You betcha. This little unknown movie was a true story about a fugitive Canadian drug dealer. We brought in the "Dog" Chapman from Hawaii to announce from the stage that he was going to track him down. It worked.

Zsa Zsa Gabor Fundraises for Homeless Women
Zsa Zsa Gabor's sentence for slapping a Beverly Hills cop included a community service of producing a gala fund raising ball in 1990 for battered women at the lavish Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Edward Lozzi, Zsa Zsa's publicist at the time, is seen at the event during Zsa's Zsa's quick on-site interview set up by Entertainment Tonight's Mary Hart.

The 5th Annual Roger Neal & Maryanne Lai Oscar Viewing Dinner, Gift Suite & After Party

Sunday February 9th

The 5th Annual Roger Neal & Maryanne Lai Oscar Viewing Dinner, Gift Suite & After Party a black tie invitation only red carpet gala will take place on Oscar Sunday at the Legendary Hollywood Museum for the benefit of Jose Iturbi Foundation. Over 140 stars of Motion Pictures and TV, including Oscar nominees and winners attended last year and expected.

This year's stars receiving the Annual ICON Award and in attendance are:
Nancy O'Dell for TV (Entertainment Tonight Anchor), Mamie Van Doren for Film actress, Terry Moore (Oscar nominated actress), Joel Diamond (Grammy winner) for Music presented by Wink Martindale, Obba Babatunde TV actor (Emmy winner Bold & Beautiful), and Andy Madadian Music- multi-million seller singer- duet hit w/Jon Bon Jovi).

Over 100 stars will arrive on the red carpet.

Hollywood Museum
1660 N Highland Ave.
Hollywood, CA

~We invite Your Coverage~

*Media Contact: Credentials and interviews - Edward Lozzi, Edward Lozzi & Associates PR to epl@lozzipr.com

Tickets: epl@lozzipr.com

Talent Coordinator: Eileen Bradley: eileenstar1955@sbcglobal.net

Roger Neal's Style Hollywood website www.RogerNealSH.net



From LA County Criminal Courts
Los Angeles
New York
Washington   D.C

After 6 long years of work and anxiety, knowing that Phil Spector murdered the lovely Lana Clarkson, we know the jury did the right thing -- even with his $6 million in legal fees and paid fabricators. We are just plain HAPPY!!!!

Congratulations to District Attorney Alan Jackson and his team for staying the course and getting the ultimate conviction. Spector is in custody. No more bail -- 18 years in the "joint." Sentencing May 29th. Good riddance!

Many of us who have been threatened by Phil Spector and his minions can now rest easily.

Edward Lozzi

Papal Bull: Sex, Lies and Vatican-tape

Pope Benedict was quoted that during the 10-day visit to Australia he would work for "healing and reconciliation with the victims" of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy there "just as I did in the United States" earlier this year.

Read Edward Lozzi's post at The Huffington Post.


Francesca Hilton
Just Has to Laugh

Photo: Ringo H.W. Chiu for
The L.A. Times

Life has been topsy-turvy for the daughter of Zsa Zsa Gabor and Conrad Hilton. But she turns it into stand-up and invites the world to guffaw with her.

Read the article in The Los Angeles Times.

Phil Spector's Murder Prosecutor Alan Jackson with One of His Biggest Fans

Photo: DailyCeleb.com

LA District Attorney Alan Jackson with Beverly Hills public relations executive, Edward Lozzi during arrivals at the Eagle & Badge Gala for LA Law enforcement. Jackson is prosecuting Phil Spector for the murder of Lozzi's former client and pal, Lana Clarkson. July 2008

Rudy Vallee
Postage Stamp

The Rudy Vallee U.S. Postage Commemorative Stamp Campaign

Get on board this most deserving cause for the father of the modern American entertainment genre.

Sign the petition and check out the salute and campaign.


Edward Lozzi on
Anna Nicole Smith

Rita Cosby interviews Edward Lozzi on Anna Nicole Smith.

Rita Cosby, MSNBC and FOX News Anchor, is the author of the new controversial best seller book "Blonde Ambition: The Anna Nicole Smith Story."

Watch Interview

"George Reeves Was Murdered and Toni and Eddie Mannix Did It!!!!"
From the years 1959 till 1999, that statement could have gotten you killed!

Diane Lane as Toni Mannix (Focus Features/Mirimax) 

Edward Lozzi seen here with his benefactor,
the real Toni Mannix, at their home
in Beverly Hills, 1980.

The motion picture Hollywoodland starring Diane Lane, Ben Affleck, Adrian Brody and Bob Hoskins opened to the nation on September 8, 2006. It's the story of the mysterious death of actor George Reeves who portrayed the 1950's TV Superman. There is no mystery. He was murdered in 1959 by his benefactors Toni and Eddie Mannix, of the powerful MGM Studios portrayed in the Miramax Universal Focus film by Diane Lane and Bob Hoskins.

In 1979, twenty years later to the week of the George Reeves murder, a young man moved into the widow Toni Mannix's guest house in Beverly Hills and became her friend and confidant. Toni Mannix wanted him as a replacement for George Reeves. She had chosen others like this over the years who were the same size and height as the man she loved then murdered, George Reeves. Later, this young man and a Catholic priest witnessed her deathbed confession of the murder. The young man's name is Edward Lozzi who is now a well known Beverly Hills public relations executive. He knows without a doubt that Toni Mannix had the motive, the inclination, and the means to have George Reeves murdered. He and the catholic priest also have that confession imbedded in their minds forever. The tainted evidence, the corrupt Los Angeles City and MGM officials, and the hit men who carried out the order for the Mannix's was known by insiders for the past 47 years and by Lozzi since 1983 when Toni Mannix, a devout Catholic, confessed to the priest to avoid "going to hell." Six years ago Lozzi appeared on EXTRA, Inside Edition, E-Entertainment Television and ABC News. But most of the info was buried. Now that there is a motion picture with major stars, the attention will be huge. Lozzi finally and academically revealed who the murderers were -- Toni and Eddie Mannix. The hit men who carried out the murder for them died in 1999. That was the year Lozzi came forward with these revelations which are a surprise to no one in 1950's-1960's Hollywood circles. Mr. Lozzi has no book, film, or documentary to promote. It's simply his witness of history and the need to stress the importance of the combination of evidence, witness statements, and basic forensic proof that the obvious and criminal cover-up of a murdered TV star by the powerful all-encompassing MGM Studios led by the murderer himself Eddie Mannix was not just someone's theory. It took decades for people too afraid to come forward to finally reveal the truth. The LA Coroner and a myriad of other corrupt government and Studio officials were constantly bribed and threatened by Eddie Mannix of MGM. Hollywoodland, and the power of its story and Mirimax distribution will finally help a mother's wish ... George Reeve's mother went to her grave vowing to someday reveal the killers of her beloved son. Consider it done!


Lana Clarkson Tribute Song

Photo: Lozzi Media Services
Lana Clarkson's first publicity photo for Edward Lozzi & Associates, early 1980's. "Permission granted."

Song & Video: "Lana!" New song from British Rock Group "The Climb" (now on the air in UK) just sent to us by lead singer Andrea Barber. Wonderful! Thank You!
You were Cinderella,
A stunning living, breathing doll
He picked you up one evening,
And drove you over to the ball
But the Amazon fell down in the entrance hall

You could have been Godiva,
Riding bareback on your mare
The wind is crying for you,
It sees you breezing through the air
Never realized that life could be so unfair

Close your eyes forever Sleeping Beauty
Leave the living feeling guilty,
Fairy-tales should never end this way

You were the hero’s first love,
You were his alias, his child
But he could not protect you,
So now he’s living in denial
You were thrown in river deep from the mountain high

Close your eyes forever Sleeping Beauty
Leave the living feeling guilty,
Fairy-tales should never end
Lay there forever Sleeping Beauty
Leave the living feeling guilty,
Fairy-tales should never end

When did the glass slipper fall from your heel?
When did the fairy-tale start being surreal?
Happy days, playing dangerous games
Click here to watch the video

Edward Lozzi's Negative Review of the book Reckless: Millionaire Record Producer Phil Spector and the Violent Death of Lana Clarkson

The Author Takes the Low Road

In Reckless, the author masquerades as a true crime story writer. Carlton Smith becomes a chronic fabricator who writes with oblivious abandon and apathy about the feelings and good names of others. In Reckless he makes Kitty Kelly seem like Mother Teresa. His book has attempted to sully the reputation and good name of the murdered actress Lana Clarkson. Reckless does this by regurgitating a rumor about her in an article written by Robert Anson in Vanity Fair, knowing that there was no substance whatsoever to this rumor, and then lying about the source. He didn't have to do what he did to make his book sellable. But he went for the sleaze factor about Lana possibly being a call girl after promising me, a person he interviewed for this book, that he would not. This book is dangerous and shoddy tabloid journalism. Smith's book is a valentine to accused murderer Phil Spector and his former lawyer Leslie Abramson.Cartlon Smith jumped at the chance to sully the reputation of Lana Clarkson to sell this book. His non-sourced, post deceased, reputation ruining heresay, shows through and makes for a terrible read. Beside this book trashing the victim Lana Clarkson, it also reads as though Phil Spector edited this book himself.

Angeleno Magazine presents
Prince Jurgen & Princess Tarinan's JetArt Event World Launch

Hosts Edward Lozzi & Barbara Lazaroff. Photo: Angeleno Magazine
Edward Lozzi & Associates
Corporate Art Network
(serving the private/corporate and institutional art market)

Salvador Dalí. The Persistence of Memory. 1931.
Oil on canvas, 9 1/2 x 13"

LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, artist Robert Graham, and Edward Lozzi at the Ace Gallery, Los Angeles, March, 2008.
Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.
-- Salvador Dali

Edward Lozzi & Associates, leveraging 20 years in public relations, has announced the opening of a new division, "The Corporate Art Network." Many corporations are now re-evaluating the thematic guidelines, resale value, and changing ascetic needs of new buildings and changing visions. Edward Lozzi & Associates, with experience representing art clients, including former artists, galleries, and photographers, will essentially be acting as brokers to extend artists' visibility and reach to a new customer base. Thomas Murphy, well-known Southern California art auctioneer and fine art consultant, is on board as an integral part of the Network. We will be aggregating and identifying emerging talent and undervalued works in an inventory to represent to Fortune 500 corporate clients. Corporate art in the business community is recognized as one of the fastest growing segments of the art market. Our objective in the coming months is to identify both the focus and style of these collections. In the next few months we will be assessing corporate budgets and client needs and traveling to galleries to meet and build inventory for corporate presentations nationwide.


Perks of the Job: Famous Batmobile creator
and client George Barris, allows Edward Lozzi to
borrow the car every now and then.

· Phone: (310) 922-1200 · eMail: epl@lozzipr.com ·

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